Webinar -  Additional Tools and QC checks to ensure SEND datasets are Fit For Review


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This webinar is intended for anyone who is involved in preparing, submitting or reviewing SEND datasets. 

In this webinar we incorporated Fit For Review recommendations on some of our recent studies. We look forward to learning more from another FDA webinar on June 15th about data quality issues.

On March 17th we conducted a well-attended webinar on how to affordably reconcile SEND data sets against the Study Report summary tabulations and even individual listings, if needed, for consistency. In the upcoming webinar we will share how we plan to implement new FFR feedback we have received with tools and processes. We will also share some aspects of the feedback for consideration on how or if they will add value during review. 

During the webinar you will learn about an affordable way of meeting these new FFR recommendations by building on the automated checks, reconciliation tools and processes presented during the March 17th webinar