White paper: Xbiom™ for Molecular Biomarker Research in Precision Medicine


There is a perfect storm brewing where advances in genomic screening, identifying molecular biomarkers and precisely targeted medicines and diagnostics, smart monitoring of patient vitals and physiology using devices such as smart phones and apps for clinical trials come together to change the landscape of the Pharmaceutical industry and healthcare itself. The increase in the number of biotech startups, the increase in approved biologics are all testament to this important trend in healthcare.

PointCross’ Xbiom™ solution integrates disparate salient data sets needed for a company developing a precisely targeted therapy based on genetic mutations that affect the proteins, or RNAs that may be implicated in the progress of a disease or serve as a reliable marker for diagnostics or therapy. When correlated to the actual clinical findings of highly stratified cohorts, Xbiom serves as a potent tool for developing therapeutic drugs for oncology, immunology, CNS or CV conditions.