Download the Free PointCross Validator for Nonclinical CDISC SEND data


We have noticed that the industry is encountering some difficulty with understanding what rules to follow when it comes to creating SEND compliant datasets. Often PMDA or Clinical rules not needed for Nonclinical submissions are causing confusion and delay in submitting a SEND compliant dataset to the FDA. In that regard, PointCross has taken the initiative to develop a SEND validator exclusively for Nonclinical dataset and release it for no cost to the entire industry. Just fill out the information on the right to download our free SEND validator.

What the PointCross Validator offers:

  • A technical conformance check for SEND datasets
  • SEND compliance using the FDA Nonclinical validator version 2.1 ruleset
  • Validation of the Define.XML file using the CDISC specified schema