This webinar registration is for June 13th at 8:00am PT/ 11:00am ET

Webinar - Smart Transformation Of Your Disparate Data Into Unified Form For Repurposing 

There is an uptick in the need for smart transformation of as-collected legacy or CRO lab data from studies or assays into standardized, machine readable and curated data so that is can be re-purposed, searched, analysed and visualized for scientific purposes.

In the first of this series we will touch on the interplay of:

  • Standards Management
  • Ontology Management
  • eData Validation
  • Mapping of disparate data sources in their native models to a standard model
  • Run time mapping to generate curate datasets for purpose

This webinar will be particularly helpful if you are curating data from data-lakes, or bringing legacy data from sources into a common data model with controlled terminology, monitoring ongoing studies, or preparing data for submissions in a mandated standard.

We will be keeping these sessions open and appreciate the active participation of the attendees.