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Unifying Clinical and Biomarker Data for Translational and Biomarker Research

In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), PointCross Life Sciences invites you to join us for a live workshop on unifying clinical and biomarker data for translational and biomarker research. This invite is meant for people who are not able to attend Bio-IT or are unable to join us in-person.

Date: April 17 from 8:00 am - 9:30am ET. 

Please register using the form on the right. We will then follow up with a calendar invite that will include dial-in details. 


Biomarker research drives discovery of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers and tests, as well as for precisely targeted therapies for diseases such as cancer or rare and orphan diseases. But finding and validating biomarkers remains challenging.

Validating the hypothesis of the researcher requires bridging bench-to-bedside so that the suspect or candidate biomarker can be tracked against the patient’s genotype, history, and their clinical changes and end-points with disease or therapy so that the mechanisms are better understood. Clinical trials and biomarker data from patients when unified, harmonized, and made searchable; is a rich, reliable and controlled resource for research. At the fingertips of scientists, this becomes a powerful workbench for finding finely stratified cohorts, analyze and visualize associated data, monitor progress with on-going studies to accelerate the development of therapies and diagnostics.

You are likely to benefit if you are looking to:

  • Discover new biomarkers for companion diagnostics, therapeutic assessment
  • Search for and select cohorts based on their clinical history, end points and biomarkers using a unified and indexed search capability
  • Visualize the biomarker and clinical data of selected cohorts for therapeutic or diagnostics research